Ale Mary

Ale Mary

Tasty, aromatic session ale 3,5 %

Craft brewers are busy following changing beer trends. Just now a new generation of beers is challenging the strong “taste bombs” and super hoppy IPAs. The beer markets’ new favorite child is low in alcohol, easy-to-drink and rich in taste. The belief that a tasty beer has to have a high alcohol content doesn’t hold any longer.

Ale Mary 3,5 %, infused with fresh rosemary, scores all the points for the new profile. Unfiltered, golden yellow ale has a white lacy head. Aroma with floral and herbal notes. Generous taste lifts flowery and citrusy tones in a nice balance with nuances of rosemary, never overpowering. Smooth malt, rounded bitterness, half-bodied mouth feel.

Ale Mary

Malt: Pale Malt, Münch

Hops: Columbus, Dana

EBC: 7

EBU: 18

Alcohol: 3,5 %

Serving temperature: 10–12 °C

Food pairings:: Perfect with pasta, chicken, fish and salads.

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