The glass

Serve beer from proper beer glasses, preferably with a stem. Special glasses designed for different beer types give definition to the aroma and enhance the flavour. Large red wine glasses will also work well. How the glass is cleaned is important. The best results are gained by washing the glass by hand in hot water with a touch of washing-up liquid. Rinse carefully! A dishwasher will also work, but rinsing agent is fatal for beer. A glass which has stood for more than a day should be rinsed with cold water before pouring the beer. Milk is thought to affect the flavour of beer, even after washing up, so avoid milk glasses altogether.



As we all know, good beer (i.e. Stallhagen) is welcome in any glass; but for enhanced enjoyment, taste it from a special glass. To the left, a typical glass for lager, in the centre a glass suitable for drinking ale, and on the right a glass for wheat beer.

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