Golden lager 4,7%

Stallhagen Honey is a deep golden-coloured, dry, fresh and malty lager, with a deep honey aroma at the finish. The genuine Åland honey in the beer creates strong links with the nature and wildlife of Åland. Honey beer has a soft hop bitterness and a quiet aroma which brings out that precious nectar of the forest, the honey. Its head has a mother-of-pearl colour and a fine lasting structure.

Åland honey maintains its uniquely high quality because of the absence of the disastrous varroatosis, which is decimating bee colonies throughout the world. Åland bees remain healthy and productive. The high quality of the honey is also due to the pollution-free environment and limited cultivation of oilseed plants in our agriculture. The locally produced honey is collected by hard-working bees from natural plants in the Åland Islands’ flora. The honey aroma is characterised by the flowers from which the honey is collected … apple, heather, clover…

Stallhagen’s refreshing Honey Beer leads the thoughts to warm light summer evenings in the Åland archipelago. Honey Beer, with its light fruitiness, citrus tones and subtle aroma is the perfect match for fried fish dishes: perch and butter-fried crispy Baltic herring and much more.


Malt: Pilsner, caramell

Hops: Magnum, Tettnag, Mittelfruh

EBC: - 6

EBU: – 16

Alcohol: 4,7%

Serving temperature: 8 - 10 °C

Stallhagen AB  |  Getavägen 196  |  22410 Godby  |  Åland  |  +358 18 48500

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