Historic Beer 1843

Historic Beer 1843

World’s oldest preserved beer is born again, 4,5%

Stallhagen Historic Beer 1843 is an authentic replica of one of the world’s
oldest preserved beers. In the summer 2010 divers salvaged beer and
champagne bottles from the 1840s in an old shipwreck in the Åland archipelago.
Based on extensive scientific analysis Stallhagen has succeeded
in recreating the historical recipe and produced a fresh version of the
170 year old beer.

Stallhagen 1843 is a spontaneously fermented beer using a unique composition
of malt, wheat and micro-organisms not normally found in beers
today. Today’s pure cultured yeast stocks didn’t exist at that time. Beer was
produced using local wild yeast strains, each of which became specific to
the brewers in the area. The beer is golden yellow and has almost none of
the typical bitterness or hops aroma. The role of hops in breweries in the
1800s was not as important as it is in modern beer production.

1843 has champagne like soft bubbles and the beer’s taste profile is closer
to wine than to beer; it has a distinct freshness and fruitiness together with
a subtle spiciness. Mouth feel is light yet its structure clearly defined. Aroma
is fresh and acidic with flowery notes of fruit. The crown is white and lacey.

Historic Beer 1843

Alcohol: 4,5% vol.

Serving temperature: 10 - 12°

Pairing with foods: An elegant aperitif. Excellent companion to white fishes, roe, crayfish, mussels and other crustaceans. Baked desserts, fruitcakes, especially apple tart. This beer is at its best when served in a wine or champagne glass.

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