IPA Original

IPA Original

India pale ale 5,5%

Brewmaster Mats Ekholm created his third IPA or India Pale Ale for Stallhagen with respect to the original English-style India Pale Ales. As the legend has it; these strongly hopped pale beers were shipped to English colonies in hot destinations, appreciated by hard working seamen and enjoyed in sailor taverns two hundred years ago. The colonial people learned to love their special beer and once back in the homeland added pre-fix India to their favorite drink.

In Stallhagen’s fermentation tanks has matured a characteristically balanced and superbly flavorful IPA Original. Its toasty and biscuit-like maltiness, robust bitterness and velvety aroma and taste of hops complement one another in perfect balance. The hops used in brewing and dry-hopping are of the truly traditional English kind.

IPA Original is unfiltered, light copper in color, the head is medium-high and white. Mouthfeel is smooth, full-bodied and dry in finish.

IPA Original

Malt: Pilsner, Dark Ale, Crystal 300, Black

Hops: East Kent Golding, Fuggles

EBC: 24

EBU: 50

Alcohol: 5,5 vol.%

Serving temperature: 8–10°C

Food pairings:: IPA Original complements nicely exotic dishes. Fruitiness and herbs in the beer work well with food flavored with coriander and cumin. English matured cheeses are worth the try.

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