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    Stallhagen Original 4,5 %

    Stallhagen Original is a clear, straw-yellow Nordic lager. A bottom-fermented well-balanced and rounded beer with a mild fragrance of hops and malt, and a clear aroma of grass and flowers

    Stallhagen Honungsöl – Honey Beer. 4,7%

    Honey beer has a soft hop bitterness and a quiet aroma which brings out that precious nectar of the forest, the honey.

    Stallhagen Delikat 4,7 %

    Delikat is a slightly darker medium-bodied lager with a strong maltiness and oaky character, a pleasantly rounded hop bitterness and fresh aroma.

    Stallhagen US Red Ale 5,5 %

    Stallhagen US Red Ale is a full-flavour, copper red topfermented beer with a recognizable citrus tone and a touch of pine resin. Medium-bodied with a taste dried fruit and nuts.

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    Stallhagen IPA Original 5,5 %

    IPA Original is IPA-Original is an unfiltered, light copper beer with robust bitterness and velvety aroma and taste of hops with a toasty and biscuit-like maltiness.

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    Stallhagen Pale Ale 5,5 %

    Stallhagen Pale Ale is a fresh, aromatic, malty and medium-bodied strong beer with generous amount of aroma-hops. Delightfully floral and fruity aroma.

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    Stallhagen Baltic Porter 7,0%

    Stallhagen Baltic Porter is a thick, full-bodied beer with distinct burnt tones of malt and nuts and a slight smokiness in the aftertaste.

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    Stallhagen Styrman 0,5 %

    Non-alcoholic IPA with a flavour of aromatic hops, with a clear but balanced bitterness. Fresh lemon flavour, with an aroma of pine needles and crisp bread.

    Pommern 4,8 %

    We have created a unique pale ale inspired by the historical ship Pommern. Pommern is a clear, straw-yellow pale ale with a fruity aroma. Pommern is fresh, clean and has lager-type qualities.

    Stallhagen Bock 5,2 %

    Stallhagen Bock is a traditional beer for celebrations – aromatic and tasty with notes of dark malt, roasted nuts and caramel. It has a mild, round and balanced hoppy bitterness and a beautiful toffee-coloured head. A fine, festive brew to pair with the autumn and winter flavours.

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