US Red Ale

US Red Ale

Copper red, full-flavour and hoppy ale 5,5 %

Before prohibition Red Ale was a popular variation of the Irish Amber ale in
America. This tasty top fermented beer was made with home grown malt and
hops in local breweries, especially on the west coast. After the prohibition small
breweries disappeared as beer making was taken over by large industrial
breweries, which resulted in a narrower selection. Changes to the US alcohol
laws in the 1970´s led to a surge of microbreweries – which is considered the
beginning of today’s fast spreading craft beer movement all over the world.

Brewmaster Mats Ekholm got inspired by the Åland Islands red granite bedrock
to create his own red ale in the true American craft beer tradition and style –
hence the US Red Ale. Stallhagen US Red Ale is a full-flavour, copper red topfermented
beer. Aroma carries a recognizable citrus tone and a touch of pine
resin. Medium-bodied, with toasty malt in perfect balance with hops. In the taste
dried fruit and nuts along the brisk and clear cut hop bitterness. The creamy,
toffee-coloured head protects the aromas and leaves a nice lacing on the glass.
A beer for aficionados!

US Red Ale

Malt: bryggmästarens egen blandning

Hops: Chinook, Amarillo

EBC: 27

EBU: 36

Alcohol: 5,5% vol

Serving temperature: Aprox. 10-12 °C

Food pairings:: Spicy excotic foods, fat and salt in the food balance beautifully the bitterness in beer. Mature bleu cheeses are an excellent choice.

Stallhagen AB  |  Getavägen 196  |  22410 Godby  |  Åland  |  +358 18 48500

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