Hand Made - Slow Beer

Traditional methods give better tasting beers

Stallhagen’s brewmaster meticulously selects the raw materials and blends each brew by hand. Every stage in the process, every boil and sample, is measured and checked using the eyes and hands for tools.

Our beers are unfiltered in order to optimize the taste experience and underline the character of the beer.

Good beer takes time

Stallhagen’s beer is stored for the time a good beer needs to develop the full-bodied flavour, the natural carbon dioxide and the fine head which characterize all our beers. Depending on the beer type, the storage period is four to eight weeks.

Industrial beers are finished in a much shorter time. High-volume producers use time-optimised, fully automated manufacturing methods and additives to secure a far quicker process.

Stallhagen allows the yeast to form its own natural carbon dioxide as the flavours mature. When you pour a beer from Stallhagen, you will see the small bubbles forming a foamy head at the top of the glass that holds in the aroma as you enjoy your beer.

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