Where to find Stallhagen beer

Stallhagen beer is currently sold chiefly in Åland, Finland and Sweden and in selected tax-free shops on ferries and at airports. See more under the country in question.

Stallhagen beers are exported also to: Belgium, Japan and Singapore.

In Åland around 70 restaurants and shops have Stallhagen’s products in their ranges. In Finland there are over 1200 retail outlets including the K-Group’s and S-Group’s shops and many beer serving restaurants, pubs and restaurants throughout the country. Stallhagen’s beer is also available in the Alko liquor stores and through Alko’s available-to-order product range.

Alko available-to-order product range

In Sweden, Systembolaget also sells Stallhagen’s beer via its available-to-order range. A growing number of restaurants and beer pubs offer Stallhagen in different parts of Sweden.

Order Stallhagen´s beer from Systembolaget

Stallhagen AB  |  Getavägen 196  |  22410 Godby  |  Åland  |  +358 18 48500

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