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Meet brewmaster Mats "Matte" Ekholm ... brewer, beer maker, craftsman, creator, connoisseur, cook ...


Since 2008, Matte has been responsible for production and product development at Stallhagen Ab. Every Stallhagen beer bears his fingerprint – the personality of the beer is his decision. Matte is involved in the whole process, from idea to recipe  to the point of drinking.  He is a qualified brewmaster and cook, who trained at the Scandinavian School of Brewing in Copenhagen, and has also had working experience as a head bartender, restaurant manager and chef.
Matte designs unique beers; he always has an inner vision behind the recipe, a visual image and flavour before the recipe becomes reality. Matte’s philosophy is that beer must be attractive, both inside and out: well-balanced and with a fine combination of flavour, colour and aroma on the inside, and an intensely refined head on the outside.

For this expert and creative mastermind, the simple basic ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast offer endless opportunities for combination and creation. Matte sees himself as a craftsman and the brewery as his tools. At his disposal are the actual brewery premises, the water, the apparatus, the living yeast, the mashing and fermentation temperatures…the brewmaster monitors, checks, intervenes and rules over the whole brewing process.

For a craftsman, beer has a living trajectory over time. The original recipe is amended and refined, not into a new beer but into a more perfect product. Matte is not afraid to make time for detours in his constant striving to give the beer a unique property or to search for that missing note –  a feeling, spice or smell. Because the simplest and quickest route is not the way to the goal..

Matte Ekholm’s Stallhagen is

Hand Made – Slow Beer

Stallhagen AB  |  Getavägen 196  |  22410 Godby  |  Åland  |  +358 18 48500

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