Beer and food

Good food and good drink are pleasures in themselves, but in combination the culinary experience takes on an entirely different and deeper dimension.

Beer is an excellent drink for so many occasions: a marvelous party drink, a multi-faceted companion to food, a refreshing thirst quencher, and in recent years an increasingly exciting cooking ingredient. Both food-loving home cooks and professional restaurant and pub chefs have discovered the gourmet characteristics of beer in cooking. Beer cookbooks are appearing in all languages. We have noted how the trend towards special beers and craft beers has opened the way to inspired experiments with food and beer.
Our brewmaster and innovative gastronome Matte Ekholm, together with the PubStallhagen’s chef, give tips on what they consider goes best with Stallhagen’s various brands. We hope that this will inspire you to find your own personal perfect combination of beer and food. We would love to hear your comments!
Why not play the connoisseur and try out unusual combinations to find the ultimate “beer and food” taste experience, regardless if this is just ordinary midweek food or a festive luxury dinner. With Stallhagen’s range of beers you can find delicious taste enhancing drinks for grilled sausages, fried perch, lamb hotpot, traditional buffet supper or some more exotic spicy dish on your menu. Let the beer surprise you as a wonderful companion for the cheese board, or admire the way the porter plays suitor to the dark chocolate pie. The wide aromatic range of beer gives you plenty of flexibility, in many cases more than wine.
On the following pages you can find out more about cooking with beer, about what to drink with what and about recipes with beer.


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Despite the wide differences in cuisine and ingredients between different cultures,
one fact remains the same:
a delicious meal is poetry for the soul.

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