The temperature

Beer afficionados swear by the correct beer temperature. For them, drinking beer at the wrong temperature is a deadly sin. Even though we all do it, beer served straight from the refrigerator will not always have the optimum temperature, and it is also said that cold beer is bad for the stomach. Breweries recommend the best serving temperatures for their beers, but connoisseurs often prefer their beer slightly warmer. Try for yourself!

Serving tips generally reflect the following classification:

  • Very cold:  around zero, or just above, certain special beers.
  • Cold: 6-8 °C, so-called pilsner cold. Pilsner, summer beer, wheat beer
  • Chilled: 10-12 °C, most lagers and ales
  • Cool: 14-16 °C, so-called British room temperature. Porters and stouts, ESB, IPA, dark ales
  • Warm: 16-18 °C, so-called British beer temperature. Special ales and porters, often on the sweet and strong side.

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